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HCH Bearing is a ball bearing supplier that crafts the leading stainless steel bearings that serve a wide variety of industries and applications. From automotive to agricultural, our ball bearings are available in a broad range of sizes including miniature ball bearings and deep groove ball bearings.

Whether you’re looking for a specific bearing size or we produce the size you need, connect with HCH Bearing to learn more about our products.




HCH Bearing — The Leading Ball Bearing Suppliers

  • Precision Quality
  • State-Of-The-Art Equipment And Machinery
  • Product Consistency
  • 100% Tested

Bearing Manufacturers That Value Product Excellence

HCH Bearing is the largest bearing supplier of miniature-, small-, and medium-sized ball bearings, providing custom features such as inch and metric deep-groove ball bearings and roller bearings. Our production can handle the breadth of large and bulk orders, but our quality remains constant.

Each product is 100% tested and throughout each step of production we manage the quality assurance — if something is not up to our specifications, we figure out the issue and promptly fix it. The end product will always be up to our quality standards.

For quality ball bearings where the details matter, collaborate with HCH Bearing for high-performance bearings that your industry relies on.


Precision Quality

It’s vital to the industries we serve that each and every bearing is of the highest quality — you’re depending on us! HCH Bearing keeps industries moving, and faulty ball bearings can result in halted production and even equipment concerns. This is why the quality of our bearings is prioritized front and center because various industries and applications rely on us.

Each type of ball bearing that we carry meets specific criteria and matches the dimensions provided on our site. Attention to detail and uncompromising quality control delivers the world’s best bearings every production run.


To create the best ball bearings, you need the best equipment. Not only as a ball bearing manufacturer do we follow the industry’s best practices, but we seek out new and innovative ways to bring our clients quality bearings.

The equipment and machinery that we use are state-of-the-art that not only factors in quality, but it’s equipped for bulk and wholesale production runs — large-scale production fused with high-quality end products every time.


Product Consistency

There are no lemons at HCH Bearing because consistency in our ball bearings is just another facet of our high standards. The bearing part you use, know, and love will be the same now and when you reorder down the line.

We understand the gravity of receiving a ball bearing that’s slightly off and not the right size — it’s rendered useless and has to be discarded. This is not only frustrating, but it disrupts your entire operation costing you both time and money. HCH Bearing will manufacture a consistent ball bearing product so you can always feel confident in using our bearings.


HCH Bearing tests 100% of products before they are shipped out, which again, lends itself to our promise of quality and consistent bearings. The lifecycle of your ball bearings are closely monitored for exact specifications that you can rely on.

For quality ball bearings where the details matter, collaborate with HCH Bearing for high-performance bearings that your industry relies on.

Reputable Ball Bearing Suppliers

Through our quality standards and exemplary engineers and team members, HCH Bearing leads the industry in ball bearings. Our ball bearing company is at the forefront because we’ve built a rapport with a large number of industries who trust and rely on our products.

Choose HCH Bearing for the deep-groove ball bearings and various sized bearings that you need for OEM, distribution, or your industry. The bearings that we manufacture are the quality you’d expect from all the well-known names, at a fraction of the price. We serve all of North America, including Canada, the United States, and Mexico, and we will be happy to work with you to guide you to what you need.

Get the affordable ball bearings that you need in all the different sizes, specifications, and dimensions that you need for your application. We offer any combination of closures on our bearings in the following series. Please click on the links below for more information.