Ball bearings keep the world running smoothly and there are many different types of bearing designed for a wide variety of uses. One such type of ball bearing is the deep groove design. Today we’re going to take a look at the different types of deep groove ball bearings and their applications in the world. If you’re in need of a ball bearing supplier that you can depend on, call us at HCH Bearing Americas to learn what we can do for you.

-Types of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

  • Single row deep groove ball bearings:

    One of the most commonly used deep groove ball bearings. Made with either open bearings or with steel or rubber shields depending on the requirements of the machine using it. Provides a high load capacity and flexibility.

  • Extra Small Bearings and Miniature Ball Bearings:

    Containing small balls which are used as rolling elements. Deep groove miniature ball bearings come in five subcategories — standard, flanged outer ring, expanded one ring, thin section, and extended inner ring.

  • Maximum Type Ball Bearings:

    These ball bearings are designed with many more rolling elements than other deep groove ball bearings. This allows for high precision and high performance. Available in either open or shielded designs depending on what the application and requirements are. Made from pressed steel to deliver high performance and high load capacity.

  • Magneto Deep Groove Ball Bearings:

    This style of deep groove bearing contains a deeper inner ring than other types. Designed with one shoulder on the outer ring which allows it to be removed for easy maintenance and mounting. They come in smaller sizes than other types and deliver high levels of precision.

-Industrial Applications

Like with other types of bearings, deep groove ball bearings are used in a wide variety of different industrial machines, including gearboxes, industrial instruments, motors, pumps, internal combustion engines, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, and engineering machinery. Deep groove ball bearings are especially critical to the operation of electrical motors.

-Home Appliances

No matter what your house looks like, you are pretty much guaranteed to have appliances that use deep groove ball bearings. They’re used in air conditioners, floor polishers, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, vacuums, and many other appliances that are important in everyone’s daily lives. These appliances require bearings that facilitate running with little noise and vibration and a long service life.
Within the motor of a floor polisher, it utilizes two single row deep groove ball bearings. For these bearings to be protected from dust, dirt, and other particles, they need to be equipped with contacting rubber seals. They also require proper lubrication to prevent damage to the polisher, so the appropriate grease needs to be applied per manufacturer standards. Air conditioners have to run silently and utilize one single row deep groove ball bearing in both window and portable designs.

With so many different devices requiring deep groove ball bearings to operate, it’s important to have bearings you can rely on. For bearings that you can depend on and a manufacturer that will help you with any issues you may encounter, call HCH Bearing Americas today.