1. Why Proper Bearing Lubrication Matters

    One of the most important aspects of bearing maintenance is proper lubrication. Ball bearing maintenance is essential if you want to avoid premature bearing failure, and of all of the steps you need to take to maintain your bearings, almost nothing is more important than proper lubrication. Why is p…Read More

  2. Tips for Extending the Life of Your Bearings

    Make the most out of your bearings by learning how to extend their service life. Here at HCH Bearing Americas, we know how much you depend on your bearings, and our goal as your premier ball bearing suppliers is to meet all of your bearing needs. One of those needs is to have quality bearings that y…Read More

  3. What Causes Bearing Failure Part 2

    Ball bearing failure can hurt your bottom line like nothing else. When your ball bearings fail, it can cause a wide variety of issues, including added down time, increased maintenance needs and missed deliveries — all of which hurt revenue and your bottom line. Luckily, almost all cases of ball be…Read More

  4. What Causes Bearing Failure

    Ball bearing failure can cause a whole host of problems. Ball bearings are small parts that play an incredibly important role, and when a ball bearing fails to meet its performance expectations or its life span, it can cause many different problems. These problems include higher maintenance costs, a…Read More

  5. 8 Tips for Bearing Maintenance

    Many different devices rely on bearings to operate. If those bearings are not properly maintained, the device will not be able to perform at its peak level, and it could end up causing damage if left unchecked for too long. For that reason, we have gathered some tips and tricks for bearing maintenan…Read More

  6. The Different Types of Bearings and Their Uses

    No matter what your daily routine is, you come into contact with a device that uses bearings on a consistent basis. Everything from the car you drive to the Lazy Susan in your cabinet has bearings that help it operate. Bearings are so integral to so many things, that back in World War II, the Allies…Read More

  7. Top 12 Reasons Bearings Fail

    Bearings are incredibly important to the operation of many machines. When a bearing is damaged or defective, everything grinds to a halt. We will be detailing the most common reasons a bearing may fail, what to look for, and how to fix it. For stainless steel ball bearings that you can count on, loo…Read More

  8. The Benefits of Deep Groove Ball Bearings

    Deep groove ball bearings are one of the most common bearings to find worldwide. Thanks to their high operation speeds and ability to handle both radial and some axial loads, they are found in many different devices, like conveyor belts and electric motors. There are three main benefits to be found …Read More

  9. How Ball Bearings Work

    Ball bearings are integral to many devices and machines we use on a daily basis. But how exactly do they work? That’s what we’ll be exploring today as we dive into why ball bearings are important, the physics behind them, and even some common uses that you might not be aware of. And when you’r…Read More